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Nov. 2009.   Acquired INNO-BIZ Certificate
Nov. 2009.   Acquired VENTURE Certificate
Jun. 2008.   Acquired ISO14001 Certificate
Aug. 2008.   Acquired INSTITUTE Certificate
Dec. 2008.   Acquired CLEAN FACTORY Certificate
Jan. 2003.   Acquired ISO 9001 certification
Mar. 2002.    Moved to Tanhyeon National Industrial Complex in Paju, Gyeonggi-do
Jul. 2002.    Selected as an excellent partner of CCI Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2000.    Selected as an excellent partner of Samsung General Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1997.    Moved to Namdong National Industrial Complex in Incheon
Aug. 1997 .   Technical cooperation with Nippon Valqua Ind.
Oct. 1997.   Founded “Prime Seal Co., Ltd.”, a joint company with Nippon Valqua Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1995.    Selected as an excellent partner of Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc.
Jan. 1994.    Technical cooperation with Nippon Leakless Corp.
Sep. 1991.    Changed its corporation to Dongyang GP Co., Ltd.
Feb. 1990.    Selected as a company of quality products by Bumyang Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1990.    Registered as a localization company by Korea Gas Corporation(Spiral Wound Gasket)
Dec. 1989.    Registered as a localization company by Korea Gas Corporation(Al Metal Gasket)
Jun. 1985.    CEO appointed
Aug. 1977.    Dongyang Metals founded(in Seoul)